Values and vision

Chris Bongard

KDR Recruitment values and vision

What are the company values of KDR Recruitment?

We’re aiming to become the UK’s first choice Information Management recruiters, without compromising our values as we grow. But what are the values that govern how we behave?
The charter was drawn up by our whole team, not dictated by the management, which means that whichever KDR Recruitment consultant you are working with, they will be fully on board with our values. We guarantee that we will:

1. Act with integrity

Example. We will never employ aggressive sales tactics to persuade you to apply for a job or accept a vacancy that isn’t right for you. We never have and never will advertise a non-existent job just to get our hands on your CV. We’ll never send your CV anywhere without your permission.

2. Deliver on promises

Example. If we’ve said we’ll call you back, we will. Even if the news is that there’s no news! And another thing. If you’ve taken the time to apply for a job, we think it’s only polite to acknowledge your application even if you haven’t been successful.

3. Work as a team

Example. We’re proud that we don’t set individual sales targets for our consultants that automatically place them in competition with each other. We work together for the benefit of our clients and candidates, making sure messages are passed on and absences don’t mean recruitment grinds to a halt.

4. Listen

Example. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a phone call from a recruiter trying to find out if you have a specific skill that a client is demanding? There’s nothing worse. We actively listen to your career aspirations and match them with clients who have suitable vacancies and the right cultural fit.