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As specialists in the supply of human resource to the Information Management and Data industry, our consultants’ aim is to attract the best this industry has to offer.

Our carefully managed database gives us access to the most qualified candidates, including those who aren’t necessarily actively looking for work. Our resourcing and candidate searching is conducted via our finely tuned in-house database and through traditional recruitment methods rather than relying solely on the ‘me too’ online job boards.

Although we are a relatively small company we invest heavily in our candidate attraction and management processes and have a team dedicated exclusively to this area.

A number of our contractors have only ever contracted through KDR, testament to our market knowledge and penetration of the industry.

With a combined twenty eight years of recruitment experience, our management team uses this experience to simplify the recruitment experience for our clients and candidates alike.  We use the best processes to benefit our clients, something that will become apparent from the very first time you ask us to work on a vacancy.

We don’t profess to understand your business from the word go, but we do realise the importance of taking the time to find out. We also take the time to ask not just about your immediate needs, but your longer term goals. We like to listen and we like to learn.

We are well aware of some of the frustrations experienced in dealing with recruitment agencies, and as such, we offer the following guarantees to every client that we engage with

We keep the following statement in mind in every communication we have, written or verbal, every single day: In the recruitment industry we have two customers – clients and candidates. Without both we are nothing.